Monday, July 11, 2011

The Journey begins

What journey you ask?

I am about to begin a journey I wanted to take when I was 14. That is to go further with my education. Perhaps delaying it to the year I turn 60 is a good thing as now I know what I want to achieve, when I was 14 my ambition lay in a different direction.

I had to leave school at 14, no choice, big family and not much money for things like schooling, so was leave and get a job. Something I have regretted all my life.

But now I have done something about it, tried to begin this journey 40 years ago but I was not strong enough and so it got shelved again. This time I have begun.

I am actually enrolled in the external course of TEP (tertiary enabling program) and my first lesson is Monday July 18th can't wait. this is a 6 month course which enables you to get into higher education. My ultimate goal is to study for my Bachelor of Art, then Masters but one thing at a time. Lets get through the next 6 months and see how we go.

Yesterday two huge bundles arrived one on the computing program showing me when all assignments are due and all the information I will need and the other is the same for the language skills program.

So it is really happening and I am excited.

I hope you will join me on this journey offering your help and criticism as needed.